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    Students are expected to wear the correct, complete uniform at all times. If for any reason there is a variation to the school uniform a note needs to be provided to the Principal.

    Summer uniform is worn in Terms 1 and 4, winter uniform in Terms 2 and 3, with a week change over period allowed at the beginning of each season.

    For health reasons, when a child’s hair is at collar length or longer it must be tied back off the face. Colours and extreme cuts are not encouraged in order to avoid competition and inappropriate student behaviour. Hair should be checked weekly by families to prevent lice infestation.

    Students may wear plain jewellery:

    • 1 pair of plain sleepers or studs (boys and girls)
    • Religious medal or crucifix (chunky chains are classified as fashion attire)
    • Watch - may be worn but at the owner’s risk.
    • No other jewellery or fashion attire may be worn.
    • Hair ribbons and clips/slides should be in school colours.
    • No nail polish or makeup is to be worn.

    Kindergarten and Pre Primary do not wear a uniform in keeping with the philosophy that these children are individuals and their dress helps to fashion their identity at a young age. Year One is soon enough for students to go into a uniform as the word implies, ‘conforming to a set of rules or standards’.

    Summer Uniform
    Midford Victoria blue shirt (with logo) shirt
    Grey shorts shorts
    Grey School socks with red and blue stripe socks
    Padbury Catholic Primary School Sun Hat/Cap hatcap
    Black lace-up school shoes (brown/navy blue sandals may be worn instead of shoes).  
    Winter Uniform
    Midford Victoria blue shirt (with logo) shirt
    Grey Melange winter shorts or trousers trousersshorts
    School tie tie
    Navy Blue school jumper (logo embroidered) jumper
    Sports Uniform
    Padbury Catholic Primary School blue sports shirt (with logo) shirt
    Faction colour sports shirts (with logo) faction
    Red sports shorts shorts
    White socks with red and blue stripe. socks
    Padbury C.P.S. Tracksuit (with logo) track


    Summer Uniform
    Blue check dress with zip front dress
    Girls everyday dress socks, white with red and blue stripe sox
    Padbury C.P.S. Sun Hat/Cap caphat
    Black lace-up school shoes (sandals brown/navy blue may be worn instead of shoes and socks).

    Winter Uniform
    Winter Midford Victoria blue shirt (with logo) shirt
    Winter check tunic
    White ankle socks with blue and red band /navy blue tights
    School tie
    Navy blue school jumper (logo embroidered)
    Black lace up school shoes
    Sports Uniform
    Padbury Catholic Primary School blue sports shirt (with logo)
    Faction colour sports shirts (with logo)
    Red pleated sports skirt, skort or red sports shorts

    Red sports brief
    White sports socks with Red and Blue band.
    Padbury Catholic Primary School Tracksuit (with logo)
    White sports joggers (cut low and have a non-marking sole - NO high tops)


    Extras - Optional
    Padbury Catholic Primary School, school bag
    Library/Homework bags are available in school colours

    Parka/jacket - these are available in school colours. Other brands are acceptable - preferably blue and must be worn over the jumper NOT instead of the jumper.


  • Tracksuit tops are not to be a substitute for a jumper.
  • Sleeve inserts are available for school jumpers.