Staff includes all members working together to support the ministry of education at Padbury Catholic Primary School.

  • Administration Team
    The Administration Team consists of the Principal, and two Assistant Principals.
  • K-6 Classroom Teachers
    Padbury Catholic Primary School is a double stream Catholic school catering for students from Kindergarten to Year Six.
  • Education Assistants
    Education Assistants are allocated duties and are directly responsible to the Principal. Duty statements are written according to the area of responsibility e.g. special needs, classroom educational assistants, library technician.
  • Parish Priest
    The Parish Priest is a member of our school community and as such is invited and welcomed into our school.
  • Educational & Developmental Psychologist
    Padbury C.P.S. has a psychologist on site one day a week. This service is available for students, parents and teachers. Appointments can be made by contacting the psychologist through the office.
  • Information Technology – Teacher Assistant
    The information technology assistant’s key roles are to assist in preparation of resources for sacraments, workshops and booklets; to maintain and review computer hardware/software and to assist as Network Administrator.
  • Gifted & Talented/Enrichment
    An extension programme is offered to students who demonstrate the need for a more challenging curriculum. Students are tested in Years 3, 4 & 6. The Extension teacher withdraws students in small groups once a week.
  • Languages Other Than English – Italian
    Teachers are appointed and paid for by the Italo-Australian Welfare & Cultural Centre Inc. Students from Pre Primary - Year 6 have 60 minute Italian lessons each week. The children are taught to communicate in Italian as well as learn about the culture.
  • Librarian
    Students from Pre Primary - Year 6 have formal library lessons each week. Kindy have a story time session.
  • Music Specialist
    Students from Pre Primary - Year 6 have formal music lessons each week. Kindergarten classes have one half hour session each. An instrumental programme is available upon request. Please make enquiries at the school office.
  • Physical Education Specialist
    Physical Education is an important part of the curriculum at Padbury Catholic Primary School.
  • Support Teachers/Enrichment
    Support Programmes are provided for those students experiencing difficulties in the educational programme offered by the school and times are allocated according to needs. These programmes include individual, small group and class support.
  • The Early Literacy Programme
    Operates in Pre Primary, Year One and Year Two. Trained parent volunteers work with a small group of students to enhance literacy skills.
  • L.A.P. (Learning Assistance Programme)
    A one-to-one volunteer programme that assists students who would benefit from quality time with a trained parent helper. All parent helpers are required to have a current ‘Working with Children’ clearance.
  • The Rainbows Programme
    Run by trained staff members. It is a small group programme that assists students who are dealing with separation or grief issues.
  • School Finance Officer/School Secretary/Property and Grounds
    The school has a finance officer, secretary and grounds person who are all responsible to the Principal.