About Padbury C.P.S.

School Culture

Padbury Catholic Primary School serves the area of Padbury and other surrounding suburbs within close proximity to the school. It is a co-educational Catholic primary school catering for approximately 500 students from K-6. Padbury is not attached physically to a parish. The Parish Priest and Assistant Priest of Our Lady of the Missions Parish, Craigie, minister to the Padbury Catholic School Community. The school is owned by the Archbishop of the Diocese of Perth and he in turn delegates the employing authority to the Principal, in consultation with the School Board acting under the approved CECWA Western Australian School Board Constitution and subject to relevant CECWA policies. Lay Principals are appointed by the Bishop of the Diocese.


Vision Statement

Padbury Catholic School is committed to its motto of ‘Love One Another’ (John 13:34). We believe strongly in an acceptance of all people; respecting personal dignity with Christ as our model. Each individual is viewed as a person of worth and their sacredness is respected and protected. Our aim is to see and value God and the good in all people. The school community values and encourages active participation by staff, parents and teachers working together to provide an atmosphere where members are approachable, empowered and treated in a fair and just manner.

The school community aims to model the values promoted by the gospels through all interactions. Gospel values are also encouraged through school based pastoral care initiatives and participation in the parish. Students have many opportunities to be involved in sharing their gifts through Christian service, both in the local community and in the parish. Families are encouraged to be actively involved in parish life and communication between home, school and parish is promoted through regular newsletters, emails and notices.

The school aims to provide a 21st century learning environment; with modern facilities and differentiated learning opportunities for all students, enabling them to reach their full potential. Staff utilise essential standardised, formal and informal data to ensure they have an ongoing and informative picture of the whole student, which allows for future goal setting and the promotion of learning. Parents are kept regularly informed of their child’s progress.

The implementation of all school wide programs is adapted to suit the culture and context of the school. Teachers are involved in programs which help them modify, refine and provide students with the best learning opportunities. Staff ensure they actively engage in the implementation of these programs in a unified and consistent manner.

Padbury Catholic is a vibrant, friendly school which empowers students to work towards being the best version of themselves.


School Name

The name Padbury was given to the school as the Archbishop at the time asked that schools be referred to according to their locality. A survey to change the name was held at a later date but as the community could not agree on a name it is still today called Padbury Catholic Primary School.


School Emblem and Motto

School emblem
  • The Cross: The cross is stylised on the Mercy Cross because of the link with the Sisters of Mercy and Sister Carmel Wringe who was the Foundation Principal. As it was a CEO school, the Mercy Cross was not copied exactly. It also represents Christ as the foundation of all that we aspire to be as a Catholic school.
  • The Rainbow of the Covenant: Every time we see a rainbow, we are reminded of our friendship with God. This friendship is called a ‘covenant’ and as God promised Noah never to turn a back on those people chosen as partners and friends, our job is to make this a world of peace and love and never turn away from the God who cares for us.
  • The Water: Water symbolizes our Baptism and also represents God’s gift of the ocean to us as part of our locality.
  • The Motto: Sister Carmel chose the motto of ‘Love one Another’ (John 13:34) as it is the first and greatest of all the commandments. If we do this then all other virtues will be a part of our life.


School Prayer

The origin of the school prayer is not known but it seems to have been drafted early in the school history with past staff commenting that it was always there.

O God in heaven
Help us each day
To be loyal to our school
And truthful we pray.
To do our best
In work and play;
To think of others
Please show us the way.



Padbury Catholic Primary School is a suburb of Perth, Western Australia located within the City of Joondalup. The Perth city centre is approximately 18 km from Padbury.